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Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 1: Artist Spotlight

Grandma Moses
Anna Mary Robertson Moses
September 7, 1860 – December 13, 1961

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. - Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses was an American folk artist who loved to paint. She never took any art lessons, instead she used her memory, her love of community and local stories to create her paintings. She did not begin painting until she was 75 years old! She started so late in an effort to stay busy, she didn't like to sit still and do nothing, so she picked up a brush and began to paint. She started painting special holiday memories and exciting days from her life. The rest...as they say...is history. Here's some of her work:
"Country Fair"
Inspiration for this week: Grandma Moses loved to paint as a child and would paint on whatever she could get her hands on! If she didn't have paint she would use grape juice and lemons, if she didn't have canvas she would due with old glass windows, wood that was unused on the farm, and any piece of paper or newsprint she could find. She would use toothpicks and sticks for brushes. Be like Grandma Moses and find creative ways to use the materials you already have to create your art!

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