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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Found it!

12:34 Art has been all about trial and error. I've been working to find a fit for the kidlet, something that would open her up and make all her artsy guts squeal with delight. Finally, we've made that discovery. She's fallen in love. Bella meeting Edward kind of love. Chocolate clinging to peanut butter, kind of happiness.

In fact she kept saying, "I'm so happy," repeatedly as she worked on the cover. With other comments such as, "I don't want to go to school tomorrow, because I want to stay home and just do this," or, "I can't wait for spring break and I can do this all day, every day." Hard to ignore those kind of remarks and a definite sign of a successful project.

I knew she wanted open ended art projects, and so I tried that approach with her sketch book and with painting. It kinda worked...but she was soon being pulled to the TV or would just kinda wander away. My enthusiasm for some projects would often feed hers but it wouldn't last. Are you getting the idea...I was basically presenting her, on a weekly basis what her art at school was presenting her with. Something to do, but not something to love.

I persisted, knowing that eventually we would hit pay dirt.

I have been a fan of Art Journals for some time. Noting the work of Donna Downey, and Claudine Hellmuth and the extremely inspirational Milliande. Not having any sturdy books on hand, I transformed an old song book and Waldorf magazine into two Art Journals, one for Kiki and one for me. It's a great no cost way to get started.

When I showed the books to the kidlet it was like love at first sight. When I showed her this video she instantly got it, knew what to make of the book, the idea, the medium - all of it and just got to work.

More to come...

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