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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Painting Tip

Most of us have acrylic craft paint hanging, or drying to solid substances around our homes. It's the go to paint for lots of crafting projects and for the most part is just fine. It is not artist quality paint, but is often used as such in a pinch. Investing in artist quality paints is something a lot of us just aren't ready to do, the expense is often very high and what if they just sit there, not being used?

If you want to use your acrylic craft paints, because that's what you have on hand, here is something that has worked well for me. I've added Slow-Dri Blending Medium from Liquidtex (you can find this medium in many brands in the art isle) to my cheap acrylic paint with satisfying results. It hasn't helped with providing a stronger pigment (that's just not going to happen) but it does solve the quick drying time of craft acrylics by providing a good 5 minutes extra of wet working time. Now a bottle of this stuff will run you around $10 bucks or more, but in the end it is way cheaper than investing in a set of artist quality paints (though eventually this is the way to go) and in the meantime it will get you using the paint you have on hand. Win/win in my books!

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