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Monday, March 8, 2010

Project Butterfly

I've always loved butterfly collections, minus the dead little insect bodies of course. This is a fun alternative and requires no pins and no corpses - YAY! This is a pretty big project and quite a few items are required. For your Paper Butterfly Display you will need:

  • A butterfly stamp - Ours is a cling from Hero Arts
  • Stamping Ink (I recommend black or charcoal)
  • Coloring items to color in your butterfly (we 'mostly' used chalk pastels)
  • Black fine liner
  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • A sturdy base to mount your cut butterfly's - paper will work, but we used a thick piece of wood found in the workshop, painted it white with gesso and then a top coat of white acrylic - ours measures 8.5" x 13".
  • Adhesive for mounting your butterflies to the board (sticky tack is fine if you want to keep it completely movable)

Stamp your image out - for our wooden base we needed 12 butterflies. We also stamped with a special ink called VersaMark (stamps a watermark type image on the paper) that works really well with chalk pastels. You can see the light colored stamp using the VersaMark ink below. When we color over with our chalk pastels the image reappears. Then simply color your butterfly with whatever medium you chose - be mindful of the ink used when stamping - you don't want your image to run when colored. As I mentioned we used chalk pastels and cotton swabs for blending. Sometimes we would use a black fine liner marker to outline the image more strongly.
The fun part is you totally don't have to color in the lines as you're cutting out your butterfly. We loved that (the coloring part not the cutting part)!Then cut out your butterfly. We didn't worry about cutting out the antenna because we would use the antenna stamped onto the base.
Repeat with all the required butterflies for your display surface.
We prepared our wooden base by painting it out with gesso and then adding a simple top coat of white acrylic. When it was dried we stamped our butterfly image on the base as a guideline for our butterflies and so that we could utilize the butterflies antenna. We attached the butterfly to the base with sticky tack as we are planning on using our display for a game at church...but I would recommend attaching the body with a permanent adhesive and leaving the wings loose for a 3 dimensional look.
I like the idea of this being an interactive art piece, where the butterflies can be moved around and exchanged. To make the butterflies more sturdy you might want to mod podge them or even laminate them. I'll share some display ideas later in the week!

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