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Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 3 - Stamping

Above image found here.

This week is a little different as we are approaching it as a product based theme rather than a subject theme. I have quite a lot of stamps and my dear daughter has mentioned (on a number of occasions) that I do not use my stamps as much as I should. To remedy that, and perhaps get her enjoying them, our theme for this week is stamping.

As a kid I loved stamps. I had about 4 self inking stamps that I could get my hands on and would use them constantly, stamping with loads of ink, then pounding the paper till only a shadow of the image remained. There was a happy face, bare feet, a star and a date stamp that I can recall using over and over and over again. Today, we have a few more options at our disposal, but hopefully Ki Ki will enjoy the process as much as I did when I was younger.

Our first assignment is a simple one: Pull out the stamps you have on hand(or a usable amount if you're a stamp hoarder), don't forget some ink pads, a few blank pieces of paper and start stamping. I highly recommend a stamp cleaning pad or baby wipes for quick clean up. Ki Ki and I spent well over an hour sitting, heads down, stamping, talking and experimenting. It was completely open ended - we grabbed some pencil crayons and colored in some of our work, we cut some out, we added our own sayings. She LOVED it and I loved that we were being creative with no destination in mind.

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