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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 4: Canvas Play

Image from unknown source

Maybe your son or daughter is like mine when it comes to canvas...shock and awe (okay maybe you're guilty of this same response also). The idea of working on a stretched canvas framed piece kind of freaks my daughter out, which is exactly why I want her to do it. We have multiple canvases of varying sizes laying around not being used, even a few canvas boards from my school days!

We've chosen a small 8 x 10 canvas size (Michael's sells a 10 pack of this size for $24.99 CDN) I've challenged Kiki to draw and plan out some ideas in her sketchbook before she gets started.
Image from flickr.


Sketch out some ideas for your canvas creation, taking into account the size and shape of the stretched canvas you will be using, and what supplies you have on hand. Transfer your favorite sketch onto the canvas. Don't let us stop you if you want to get right to painting. We're going to share some of our ideas and some mixed media suggestions for a canvas collage and supplies later in the week.

It's a busy week around these parts, so hopefully we'll have some images to share soon.

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