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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lessons from the 12:34 Art Studio: Brushes

Paint brushes. Do any of us really know what we're looking for in this area? I'm sure many of you do, but we have been completely lost. Trial and error we've learned a few things:
  1. You don't need dozens of brushes. In fact we've come to the realization that we soon find favorites and they become reused over and over again. Our favorite sizes are the half inch, 6, 0 and Kia's favorite is a long stemmed 4. I think we could live with only these few choices quite happily.
  2. Our bristle of choice is brown nylon. We've tried white, natural bristle, black the whole shebang and really brown nylon is the type that stands up to the most abuse.
  3. Murphy's oil cleaning liquid really does clean and soften stiff, dirty, paint covered brushes. I use a 50/50 mix to about a half cup and let sit in the liquid for 20 minutes, then rinse very very well. Your brushes will be back to new.
  4. Don't buy paint brushes with painted handles if you plan on doing the Murphy Oil cleaning thing. It will peel the paint from your brushes. Look for full acrylic handles if you can, if you need to clean them, they'll stand up to it and you can use for years, so don't feel bad for the landfills.
  5. Long handles are better than short in our world. Kia is always choosing the long handled brushes over the shorter ones. Must admit I prefer them also...and yet I couldn't really tell you why.
  6. Use foam brushes for gel medium, they really gunk up your other brushes bristles...it's glue, so what can you expect?
That's a little insight from us newbies, but it could quite possibly save you oodles of cash if you're in the market for a place to start when buying brushes. Specifically in relation to art journaling.

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