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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project: Tag Frame

Tag Frame - "Boo" by Nikki

The original inspiration for this project can be found here at 2 peas in a bucket. It was a Make & Take by Lisa McGarvey that got me thinking of changing it up a bit for a Halloween project. Miss Kia decided that she wanted an uber girly one and chose to spell out her name instead.

We used a simple, unmatted 5x7" frame in basic black. We popped the glass out and got to work. This size lends well to 3 letter words. So Boo, or Eek for Halloween work wonderfully. Joy would be a great one for Christmas.
This project is all about layers. It looks complicated but is really quite simple when you break down the layers into parts. The materials are as follows:
  • A layer of patterned paper cut to 5 x 7
  • A second layer of paper cut to 4 x 6
  • 3 tags, (Avery shipping tags, size 1) decorated with various goodies for the letters.
  • Ribbon, lace, flowers, buttons, metals, bling, etc...
  • Distress ink, to age the tags and add dimension
  • Glitter stickles for sparkle
  • Adhesive that works with multiple surfaces is a must.
  • Pop dots and dimensional glue
1) Choose two papers that coordinate - cut one to 5 x 7 inches and one to 4 x 6 inches. Distress the edges with ink and put aside.
2) Distress the tags with various colors of ink, rub some glitter on with your finger, or use other papers to add dimension. Make sure the tag base is dry before adding material to spell out letters. Letter stickers work fine, or you can use buttons, flowers, fabric, ribbon...whatever you can image to create your letters.
3) Before we attached our tags to the 4 x 6 paper we tried to layer a different element under or around each tag for more dimension.
4) We attached our tags to the 4 x 6 paper, then attached that paper to the 5 x 7 base. It was all put into the frame and then we decorated the outside of the frame to finish it off.
Tag Frame - "Kia" by KiKi

NOTE FOR TWEENS: This is a great project to help you understand dimension. Start with the 3 layers, keep your design elements balanced by using odd amounts together...like 3 flowers in a grouping, or 5 buttons grouped in a corner. Most of all have fun!Remember you can make more layers or add dimension and interest to each layer individually as you create your tag frame.


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