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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sticky Back Canvas Tutorial Attempt

We've tried doing this tutorial a few times over the past 10 days. We couldn't make it work, so we switched it up a bit. For a list of supplies see this post and make sure you've watched the video!We thought we'd try out some of the different paints we had on hand, to see if they made a difference. Really, the difference was hardly noticeable between the 4 different paints. We didn't care for the craft paint, it needed two coats, but then it was fine.
We dried the paint, and used some embossing ink. VersaMark didn't work and Watermark resist didn't seem to work for us either. After we applied the "skim milk" paint solution over the emboss ink all we ended up with was a blob effect. We even tried various rubber stamp sizes, thinking maybe the thickness played a role, but none of ours worked out like the video. Totally bummed, but not defeated!

What we did have on hand was some stazon ink. This stuff will stamp on anything. So we used the same stamp image and stamped over our embossed blobs. Yay, we likey!

We found some spots we liked and cut out our canvas then put it in the frame just as the tutorial said and it worked great.

All in all we really liked the idea of the tutorial and by using the stazon ink pad instead of the resist, we made it work.

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