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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tutorial Test Drive: Sticky Back Canvas Necklace

There are some pretty awesome craft tutorials and make and takes out there on the internet and we thought it would be fun to test drive some of them, from a tween perspective, and share our results. We found this one in one of our endless YouTube searches and we thought it looked incredibly fun. This is very product specific though, and the product used (namely the Memory Glass) can be hard to find in the size used in the video. That being said, we happened to have every darn thing Claudine Hellmuth used for the project, so who are we to argue with fate? This is a Ranger video and all artistic prop's go to Mrs. Hellmuth for this one.

Supplies needed:

Acrylic Paint
Watermark Ink Pad
Sticky Back Canvas
Paint Brush
Heat Tool
Memory Glass (we used 1 1/2 inch square instead of the 2 inch)
Memory Frames
Scissors - these Tim Holtz are the BEST scissors I've ever owned
Jump Rings
Ball chain, or necklace

The Tweens out of the house for a few days so our opinion on this project and what we made will have to wait until later this week. See ya then!

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Nikki said...

This should be an interesting Tutorial...as it's totally NOT working. :(