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Friday, May 13, 2011

Flying Lesson: Shout it out

Here's a small little project for all you amazing tweens out there in the big world. We know that so much in your life is changing, and growing and somethings are even ending plus you are bursting with feelings, frustrations and emotions that are completely new to you! Flying Lessons are a fun little feature that we hope will get you journaling and expressing these ideas and feelings in a positive, tangible way.

Flying Lessons are questions that only you can answer. There are no answers in the back of the book that you can flip to and find the right response and that is because there is no right or wrong answer there is only your truth in the moment you answered it.

So the question is: What do you want to shout from the rooftop? What do want the world to know about you? Firstly, you do have something to say and share with the world, you might not know what it is yet and even when you think you do, it might change. It's all okay! Your answer may be your truth for a lifetime or for just a moment. This lesson is about discovering something worth saying and something that is real, and honest about who we are right now. I believe we each have something unique to offer the world, and often the only person holding us back from doing it is us!

Just like our little cartoon girl in the picture, we're going to imagine that's us standing on that rooftop and it's our moment to shout out what's in our heart. It can be a declaration about who we are, a promise we want to make to ourselves, something we're angry about right this very minutes, something that freaks us out (like standing on a cartoon roof, and then drawing something we want to share with that cartoon world), a word, a hope, a declaration of who you want to be...anything, there is no limit!

Okay...then what?

Now, you can respond in a number of ways...
  1. Create an art journal page. Use a sketchbook, or simply a piece of paper to respond and create an original piece of art that reflects your answer. Combine collage, journaling, art, stickers, paper, paint, pencils, whatever medium or mediums you desire.
  2. Tech Savvy girls might want to create a digital answer using your favorite design program. You can also blog your answer!
  3. Journal your answer in your very own diary. The good old fashion way of pen to paper, classic and timeless.
  4. Set up a photo that answers the question. You might love staging, composition and photography and you can totally use this medium to take part in Flying Lessons.
I hope you're seeing that it's not about how you answer the question...it's only about answering it in a way that is true to who you are.

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